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I have a couple of PQ's I use every week. I recently upped the number of PQ's to show to 700 on one of my PQ's which give me a total of waypoints of about 980 with child waypoints. The other I left at 500.


The one I left at 500 gets emailed properly. The message is


Here are the Pocket Query search results in the formats you requested.


XXXXXXXX.gpx: GPX is an extended GPS exchange format that can be read by both EasyGPS and ExpertGPS, as well as various other software applications. The latest version of EasyGPS can be downloaded in the Resource section of Geocaching.com under Geocaching Software. You will need the latest version to read this format.


XXXXXXX-wpts.gpx: This additional GPX file contains supporting waypoints for your Pocket Query.Visit the online results:



All attachments have been compressed into one zip file. You will need a program like WinZip to extract the files (http://www.winzip.com).


With the larger PQ, I get an email without the file, just a message - Your Pocket Query titled "01-LocalCachesEast" has been generated and is now available for download on Geocaching.com.


Is this because of the larger file?

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