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CacheStats Question


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So I have my "CacheStats" on my profile page with al the info about my Caching history (it isn't much yet but that's beside the point). Does anyone know if there is a way to add info about the cache's I have hidden on there? Info like number of finds, days between finds, maybe even things like where the person that lives the farthest away from GZ that found it is from? I only have one hide thus far but am planning some more and thought it would be cool to see the averages and such in relation to them?...T.

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The stats produced by GSAK certainly give you stats on your hides as well as your finds (as per my stats, down at the bottom). I don't know which other systems will do it.


Many use the MyFinds PQ to generate stats, and I don't think that PQ includes details of your hides, so you may have to look for something that works from something other than the MyFinds PQ, which GSAK does.


Edit: Can't see your cache stats at the moment.

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