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Caches in Barcelona

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I wish I was going to Barcelona. When we are traveling, its fun to do some caches as reminders of the visit (as long as I do not lose sight of the real purpose of the trip and set a maximum time for the search - the five minute rule - so that I do not bore the rest of the family or detract from the vacation).


But don't limit yourself to English only caches. Look at the maps and see what might be near places that you are planning to visit -- or if there is something about others that captures your attention -- photos on a cache page, the title, and the like. I think its a fun part of a trip preparation since I am looking for interesting locations off the regular tourist beat. Sometimes a cache or two will point us to particular areas that we might have missed, but after doing a bit more research, decide to include on our trip. I specifically check to see whether there are virtuals or earthcaches (which are often in English) near where we are planning to go.


If there is a language problem, I run the page through an online translator -- although it obviously leaves a lot to be desired, it can give at least a rough idea about the cache. I edit the cache description in GSAK and add the "translation" to the page. That information can then be transferred to a paperless device -- over the years this has ranged from a pda or phone to my gpsr itself. Generally, this is enough to help find a cache even if I do not fully understand the language in the description.


Premium memberships help a lot with this process, since you can do a wide pq, and then edit the specific information from the gpx file for the caches that are on a "to do" list. That leaves some options open if you happen to be near a cache that you did not previously identify and want to give it a try.

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There are some 600 caches in Barcelona area ... sure we can point out someones that fit your needs!


Any special requirement? Only city center (=>mainly micros)? Some short hiking allowed? Some short driving? Only english text?






To start with ...


GC17A24 is a must ... the most found in Catalunya (+1200)

GC16MYZ ... this one seems to be missing since Aug 15th but nevertheless you should go there and see the building even if it's not available

GC1AQ9F ... I don't like micros, but you have to search this nano!

GC20F8R ... a nice mistery to solve at home and an unknown place for most locals

GC231KN ... do it and get lost at the surrounding streets

GC5A26 ... virtual and perfect view of the city (do you go with kids? this is the place!)

GC172GT ... Earthcache

GC1ZZVD ... the place is "normal", but I found this mistery hard enough!


... to be continued :ph34r:


Be prepared to read most pages in Catalan, we don't speak Spanish (well, we all do, but as a second language).

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I was in Barcelona a few months ago and found a handful of caches. I rented a bicycle for the day and rode around the city to search for some caches and see the sights. It was a great way to do it. With all the traffic and the distance between some of the spots it seemed much better then trying to do them by car or walking. I think every cache I looked at had the descriptions in Catalan, Spanish, and English.

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For us the best one was Barcelona Invasion. This is a hard multicache that took us 2 days to complete, but was definitely worth it. It brings you to various parts of the city, from the harbour, though the old quarter, the ramble and to the hills.


Edit: BTW the description of this multicache is available in English, just scroll down.

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We were in Barcelona in 2007. I only had time to search for a couple of caches, but it was big fun.


One thing that I do when caching in foreign countries is limit myself to traditional caches (and translated virts). I don't much mind that a traditional cache isn't translated because I know that it should be at the coords.

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