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Camouflage Paint for an Ammo Can

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The camo tape is hugely expensive for what it is so I think spray paint is a better option.

Shop around - sometimes you can get cheap paint in army surplus stores. Go for a matt effect paint though - looks much better in the wild.

If you clean the nozzles after use the paint stays good for a long time, so even it it costs you a bit now you will have it ready when you need it again in the future.

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That would be near the elbow grease, just along from the left-handed screwdrivers and the long weights.


Next door at PC World they're having a special on virtual memory this week too.


(True story: a friend received a wedding list where one of the items was a spaghetti cooker. The bride-and-groom-to-be genuinely imagined that there was some kind of long, thin pan which would keep your spaghetti straight during cooking. I'm guessing it was a hen party windup.)

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Thanks for the suggestions. I did look in Poundland, but they only had silver or gold paint. In the right location this could be spectacular, but I can't think of anywhere.


The duct tape would be quick, but probably would not give a good result. I have a roll of inferior camo tape which has a shiny surface. When you stick two lengths next to each other, it gives a glaring straight line at the join.


One thought I had was to glue some camouflage fabric on to the box. Then it would just be a case of finding a suitable adhesive...


I think I will need to go for the two tins of spray paint option (unless I can find the elusive tin of camouflage paint in B&Q). Sonny from Podcacher has some step by step photos using two colours and some vegetation as a stencil to give a pretty good result. Then to use up the left over paint, I will need to buy some more ammo cans...

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Just a cheap spray can from the poundshops works well.


Or if you want to do a 'paintbrush' job, those cheap tubes of Acrylic artists paint found in 'The Works' do fine and you can mix the colours. Water soluble when wet, fast drying and rock hard when dry so be quick to rinse that brush!


Remember to lightly sand down the box first - my box painted with these paints has survived the harsh weather.

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