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Garmin Oregon 400t

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Is there a way to organize the geocaches on the Oregon 400t? Can you put certain ones in different folders? Another words can I see a group of caches in a way other than simply listed by increasing distance from current location? Can I download a group of caches to the gps so that they are stored in a folder? So that I can then look up that folder and the geocaches that are in it.

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negative on that, captain.


only way i can think of is to use a GSAK macro or something similar to change the cache names to something you can search for on the oregon, e.g. prefix the names with xy1, xy2 etc., and then type that in as name filter.

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On my 400t, I have far more memory than I can display within the cache limit, so I create extra folders to store the gpx files that I don't want to display. The 400t only displays the ones in the \Garmin\GPX folder, so I move whatever I want to display into that folder.


The only problem with this method is that you can't move files from the 400t display. You have to hook it up to a computer with the USB cable. If you have a laptop along with you in the car, that's not a problem.

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