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Magellan Triton 400/Windows 7

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Yesterday I tried downloading Magellan Coummunicator from www.geocaching.com and it went through the install process but was no where to be found on my computer. I tried re-installing again only to find it was actually uninstalling, then went back and re-installed but again could not find it in the program file it was installing to. Tried installing to desktop only to find the setup.exe file ended up on my desktop.


Now this worked great on my old XP laptop but having a lot of trouble with it working on Windows 7. Any ideas?



Bob :unsure:

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Did you get this working? I am having the same problem. Works fine on three other computers I have but my new Windows 7 laptop it installs but then goes back to saying I need to install drivers. Then I install again and it uninstalls them. I hope you found an answer to this?!

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Ok - I just double checked it and the Magellan Communicator works fine with Windows 7(64) and the Triton. However, when you go to install it is will download it into the download folder (directory), but this does not mean that it has installed it. You will have to go into the download directory and run the install. After it is installed you will need to close and reopen the communicator window on GC.com and it will ask you to "Allow" the communicator software to run. After you answer yes, then it will work as advertised for both the new eXplorist GPSrs and the Tritons.



SoCal Zukicachers

Magellan Insider

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