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I am holding a Travel Bug


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I am a new player and realize at a glance that travel bug owners have somewhat of an attachment to them.


I felt very lucky to find one. The reason I still have it after a week is because I want to make sure it gets going in the right direction. I was a bit bewildered after finding it and looking on the internet (this is how I found this sight) and saw that it was actually traveling the wrong way.


So...I am going to make an effort the first chance I get to take it about 50 miles in the correct direction. This also means that I have to find a traditional cache in that direction and distance to make sure the little Bugger gets going :unsure:


I feel I am a good temporary custodian.

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Great! I'm also a newbie at this game, having joined this year. But I have been out a bit and love TBs. Sent two of my own out travelling. I was disappointed to find that a number of cachers don't read the goals of the TBs, but whatever ... I guess you take your chances when travelling. I try to read up on the TBs and give their owners what they want. After all, that is part of the fun.

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