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How do I give away a travel bug?

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I am still somewhat of a "newbie".


I have just purchased my second set of travel bugs. (I used all of the first ones myself...)


I have these new ones in my possession (physically) but have not activated them with the listed code.


I want to place them (unactivated) into some of my hidden caches as a "first user freebie" gift.


I want the finder to be able to "own" and activate the bug for themselves, and it belong to them, not me.


Is the activation what ties it to your account, or does it get tied when you purchase it?


If it is tied to my account at purchase, how do I make it someone elses?


Thanks in advance!


Always trade UP in both quantity and quality and Geocaches will be both self-sustaining and self-improving!



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A fellow geocacher and I bought a set of 8 travel bugs together (four for him, four for me), because it was cheeper that way. They were bought under his account, butI've used two of my four with no problems. Short answer: It's the activation code that ties it to your account.


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Thanks, both of you.


That's what I thought it was (the activation makes it yours) and that is exactly what I will do; put them in my caches UNACTIVATED with a note that they are freebies for the first-finders.




(Always trade UP in both quantity and quality and Geocaches will be both self-sustaining and self-improving!)

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