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Looking for some help "Rodinna prochazka / Family trip from "paka team"

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I brought this TB from Paris to the US over a year ago and it moved around the US quite nicely. It got picked up by some experienced cachers in March of 2010, and has not moved again.


I have tried to send them a note asking if they could release it, but no reply; even though they have signed on the GC.COM. I don't want to harass them, but does anyone know of a good way to see what is going on?


Thanks in advance.

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Sometimes this happens. They get misplaced or "lost" for a period of time. We have 2 TB's that are MIA. We have no idea who has one of them. The other, we know who has it. It's shown in a picture hanging around the neck of thier cat, on thier profile page! We've tried contacting them numerous times, to no avail. Don't give up just yet, it'll turn up eventually.

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