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TB dropped at Event


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Hello all...my TB, Eastward Ho!, has moved again and, ironiclly, has been dropped at an event in the town I grew up in, a whole province away. Needless to say I am quite happy by that turn of events. My question I am posing to you all, is how do these Event Drops work? Do all the TB's and Coins get dropped on a table and people just grab another one...Are they "traded" from person to person? My TB is currently listed as being in "An event Cache" (GC2DBMM Tales from the Trips) To me, that sounds like there is not really a "Physical" cache there s how does it usually work?...T.

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One would hope the event organizer has some sort of orderly manner in which to trade, drop off and pick up TBs at events. Events become black holes for Trackables. Look at any archived event page, and there are bound to be lonely travelers left behind. Some events will have a sign in sheet, some have a bucket, a table, whatever. But no one can keep an eye on all the people all the time, to see who took what. People have to try to be more responsible with these trackables.

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In my area, at an event there is usually a bucket/basket/ box/something that will hold TBs in a central location. TBs are dropped in to be discovered by others or taken. At the end of the event it is up to the CO of the event to take care of any remaining TBs (after all... it is their cache.)


Most times the bugs are divied up between a few of the COs friends and then dropped into other caches.

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Well...the good news is Eastward Ho!(TBZK7Q) was picked up at the event...The bad news is the person who picked it up said they were taking it to another event...lol...it all begins again...T



you can always try sending them a message and ask them to drop it into a cache instead. i have seen quite a few tbs asking cachers specifically not to take them to events in their mission statement.

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