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Tired of disappearing Travel Bugs?


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The Washington State Geocaching Association has a new feature that just might help. It's the Travel Bug Information Sheet generator. Using a simple, online form you can create and print an information sheet that can travel with your bug. It is a double-sided mini-doc that explains just how to log YOUR Travel Bug. The design is based on a similar sheet by Markwell. While I can't guarantee it will save your TB or even that it will print out exactly the way you want, I think you'll be pleased.


- Seth! icon_smile.gif





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Just last night I was searching the forums for examples of letters to include with some new Travel Bugs. I had kinda combined them into a letter, but I wasn't quite happy with it. Now I find this! While I would have worded a couple of things differently, it is vastly better than anything I had come up with. I've already printed out two forms for my new TBs, as well as two for other TBs that I have in my possession. (It's too bad one of them didn't already have one because I brought it from Arizona to California when it wanted to go to New York!)


Thanks Seth!


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Thanks for your work on this! What a cool utility. I have made sheets for my bugs (some of which are lonely in hard to reach caches that no one has visited to months). Perhaps some day I can attach them. My new bugs will definately get one!


Perhaps this can become a feature Jeremy would like to develop on the GC main site. I know there are tons of cachers not following the forums. I guess this should go in the "features request" forum.

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Since many have been creating "trading cards" for their caches, I decided to create trading cards for my bug. I'll be putting about 8 to 10 of them in the baggie with it with instructions to take a card and pass the bug along.


Not a perminant solution, but a fun one.




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Markwell wrote:

I abbreviated my original bug sheet considerably by indicating on the bug tag that the finder could go to www.markwell.us and go to the FAQ. On that page are detailed instructions on how to log a travel bug. Now the tag is about 3" square, much more managable than the 4.25" x 5.5" one that I originally did.

Well, the Travel Bug tags have a URL on them. The problem is that people just don't go to these URLs to see what to do with a Travel Bug. The key to our Sheet is that it gives them the information right then and there.


Glorfindel wrote:

Perhaps this can become a feature Jeremy would like to develop on the GC main site.

We will probably be seeing a link to our sheet or our site on geocaching.com in the near future.


I've been printing out these sheets for other people's Travel Bugs as I move them from geocache to geocache.


- Seth!



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