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Travel Bug/Bookcrossing hybrid. What do you think?


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I'm planning on releasing a book as a travel bug with the encouragement for people to read it, make some notes in it and pass it on. I've also registered the book on Bookcrossing.com and encourage people to pass it on through the Bookcrossing method too (leaving it in public reading areas...coffee shops, lobbies, etc.).


The pluses: Geocachers and Bookcrossing users get double exposure.


The minuses: The mileage factor is going to be tricky. It can be logged out of a cache as a bug and into a coffeeshop as a bookcrossing book. I'm not really sure of the logistics of this...might get a little tricky.


Anyway, I'd like your input. Has anyone ever done this before? Any thoughts on how it might work/not work?






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I've labeled several BookCrossing books as "geocaching bookcrossing books," with a note above the BCID sticker asking that they be moved to another geocache. So far, I haven't had much traffic, but it takes longer for BookCrossing books than travel bugs to move. I haven't put a bug tag tracking number on any of these yet, but I have thought about it. If you confined it to geocaches, the mileage wouldn't be an issue. If you don't confine it, it will probably disappear quickly, like most BookCrossing books.



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