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Bug Released or Not Released?

Team Finn
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It means that the original owner of the travelbug forgot to select it from his inventory when he placed it in the cache. If the owner of the bug put it in the cache when he first created the cache, he'll need to add an "other" type entry and select the bug then, unless he wants to count his own cache towards his total found (I may not be 100% correct on this, but that's my offhand understanding).

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Originally posted by Finn:

I am about to seek a cache that has a TB in it. The problem is that on the page about the TB, it says that it is NOT RELEASED. What does that mean, and what is the remedy?



Weird. That usually means thet the user hasn't added a release date for their bug. What cache is this for?


Ultimately, it won't affect your ability to grab it and log it elsewhere. It's just an arbitrary date so you can know how long its been "on the run."



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