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New travel bug explanations

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I definately plan on creating a small (not much bigger than the dog tag) laminated note that tells what to do and where to log on. Of the two travel bugs I have gone looking for, both of them were taken before I got there, and both have not been logged by whoever took them either....bummer, if I'd just gotten there sooner, they would have been taken care of properly, but now it looks as though those bugs are going to be M.I.A.


I have thought about placing my bugs only in Members Only Caches, and specificly requesting that who ever finds them only moves them into other M.O.C.'s but I really would rather have them open to everyone, it's just that the general caches seem to be hunted by a lot of people with no regard to anyone but themselves, who don't like rules of conduct, and who don't want to take time to log things in.


Frustrating situation....and I'm new to all this and have already observed this as a problem and a detractor to the game, hopefully someone will come up with a way to solve this problem.


ummmm....not sure what to say here....so ummm, well errrr, uhhhh, well I guess that's it.

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Originally posted by gnbrotz:



What are the approx. dimensions of your card? I don't have PP, so I'm going to try and copy it with MS Publisher.


When I originally did it I tried to do it with quarter fold size. I did it in Word, but I couldn't get my darn printer to print all the way to the edges. So I copied and pasted and got it to work in PP.


So dimensions are 5.5"x4.25" or the size of a 8½x11 page folded into quarters.



My Geocaching Page

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