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Your most interesting multi-cache experience?

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Hi all!


Thought it was about time to make an appearance on here and ask a question...


I really enjoy a good multi-cache and I was especially impressed with all the thought and effort that had gone into creating the story behind GC16ZTC - The Tattoine Incident - at Tatton Park in Cheshire.


So my question is: what is the most interesting story behind a multi-cache you have seen?


Hopefully you will be able to provide me with some inspiration for setting up my own...



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We like doing multi-caches around towns - I'd rather do a well-planned, informative 'urban' multi than half a dozen random micros.


There's a nice one around Chepstow that we adopted for a couple of years and it's now back with the original owners:

"Border Town Walk"


When setting any multi it's really helpful if you give some indication of how far the cache hunters will need to walk and a comment like "the final is within <distance> of your recommended parking" let's folks know that they won't end up 5 miles somewhere out of town. :)



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Agreed with the urban multi's when they are set by someone who knows the area really well. When on holiday they are a great way to put in a few hours and see more of the place you've visited.


Haven't done many multi's but the one we did on our honeymoon in Funchal, Madeira is a highlight and I expect will remain so for a long time. There's nothing particularly unusual about it but it had us going all around town looking at things we'd just walked straight by the day before. Plus the weather was lovely, which helped!

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