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Retirees visiting from Australia

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So much to see and do! The Karoo National Park very near Beaufort West is a great place to overnight and spend a morning on a drive and see some wild animals (buck and zebra) - lovely cottages and chalets there and reasonable I think and you will probably be going past there anyway. Then if you want a flavour of some of the more desolate parts of the country then Tankwa Karoo National Park and the road from there via Ceres to Cape Town would provide an interesting alternative from the highway.

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Hello folks, if any are still watching this thread. We have been very remiss in not acknowledging contributions, time seems to slip by so quickly for retirees, especially coming home from an eleven weeks trip four weeks before Christmas, celebrated at home with three children, wives/partner and grandchildren

We had a terrific time in southern Africa. The two expeditions we were on took us through Zambia, Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique and Lesotho. We were in parties so didn't divert for caches. In the end we didn't get to Chobe, sadly, but did have some days meandering from Pretoria to Cape Town. During the latter trip we picked up a few and, as always with this game, were taken to places we might not have visited otherwise. I won't bore you with lists but I'll give a special mention for Nieu Bethesda and the Swartberg Pass. Going that way meant we missed the Karoo N P, we just wish we could go everywhere! While in Livingstone we managed a couple round Victoria Falls. Aside from caches, we found some great B & Bs.

Wonderful time and, again, sorry for not thanking you earlier.

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