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How do they know?


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Premium members usually opt to get emailed with new cache listings. Standard members just have to check to see if something new has been published.


Ohh ok that makes a lot of sense! I was trying to figure out how some people just seem to know there is a new cache!


Also thank you to Keystone for moving this! I'm sorry again

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If you click on "Your Profile", there is a selection to see new listings in your area. You don't even need a Premium membership for this.


Premium members do get the option of having every new cache within a selected range of their house e-mailed to them when they are listed. That way they have a better chance of a FTF. Lol, speaking of that, I have that option set, and check my e-mail every few hours. 2 nights ago, I got an e-mail for one that was posted at about 10 pm. By 11 pm when I checked my e-mail it had already been found.

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i have never clicked on the new in this state link before...


why is the distance and bearing collums empty? is that a config option or something?

New is listed in date order, newest first -after the Events!- if you want to get distance from home you need to do another search -ie a Pocket Query.


A PQ will give you distance from home, so long as you have set some Home coordinates.

(If you set up a PQ, but don't check 'day to run' it will give you the caches, but won't run the PQ to be sent to you. I have one to show caches placed during the last week, which will give a preview of those caches. I can see what has been published recently.)

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how do people know when new cache's have been posted? I'm very new and I found a perfect cache place that is currently untapped. When it's all placed and my listing has been reviewed. Will it just show up when people search their area? I'm not sure how that part of it works?


There are several ways.


It will show up on area searches with a "new" next to it.

Premium members can receive instant notification of published caches.

Groundspeak sends out an optional weekly mailer that lists all new caches in your area (available to premium and non premium members)

When doing a search by state/country/province, the caches are listed in order from newest to oldest with the newest at the top.

Premium members can run a pocket query requesting only caches placed in the last week.

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