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2nd Annual Roughneck Rendezvous Off-Highway Geocaching Adventure!

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Mark your calendars for Jan. 28th-30th 2011!

Here at Ocotillo Wells SVRA we are nearing completion of the planning process for this years Roughneck Rendezvous and we would like to give you our first update on this year’s event.

The theme for this years event is: “Putting the Pieces Together: Ocotillo Wells is a dynamic puzzle of many pieces, that when put together, transforms into a picture of the history, wildlife, recreation and conservation that have made Ocotillo Wells the destination it is today.”

Those of you who have had the opportunity to visit Ocotillo Wells know the truth of this statement, and we hope that those of you who haven’t will make this years Roughneck Rendezvous an excuse to experience all that OWSVRA has to offer!

Last years event was a stunning success! With over 200 registrants and ~600 people attending the evening raffle, it was a weekend to remember. This year will be even better! We already have over 100 cache sites and have plans for more. As was the case last year, 20 of these caches will be permanent, while the rest of the caches will be event only caches and retired after the event is over. We will even be unveiling some new Earth Caches for you to explore that weekend!

More information will be available very soon, along with our Event Listing on Geocaching.com. So keep your eyes peeled for the schedule, rules and information on this years geocoin! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call (760)-767-5772 or e-mail Jeff Price at JLPRICE@Parks.ca.gov .


In the meantime, feel free to share some of your pictures and experiences from RR2010!


Thank you and we look forward to your visit!

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For those that missed last years Event here are some Photos to show you what you missed. link


Hope you can make it this year.



That was a fun day! I still remember the guy who said "You're not going to drive the Crossover Trail in that, are you?" (pointing to our Subi Outback). His final words were, "I don't think you're going to make it..."


He was wrong (we did make it) but not by much! :( If the car had been just little longer, we would have been hung up by the bumpers...


It's too far out to know if we are going to make it next year, but we'll put it on the calendar!

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