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Advice for a Brit visiting Saudi Arabia...


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I'm being sent to Saudi Arabia - Dhahran to be precise - for work till the end of September starting from either next week or the week after (awaiting visa).


Can anyone here help share caching experience in Saudi - particularly for a Western foreigner?


I am married but will be classed as a bachelor, my visa will be multi-visit for work purposes. I understand there are going to be limits on where I can go and there will also be security issues. However, if I can, I intend to do some caching....


Any advice on the following:


- Security

- Natural dangers

- any other things to look out for


Many thanks!

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Hello from fellow Brits working in Riyadh.


Firstly don`t get too caught up with security worries, yes there is a threat but at present simple common sense precautions should be enough. The British embassy Riyadh website has more information than can be listed here.


Natural dangers can include extreme heat and humidity in Dhahran at this time of year, out of town there is a very, very small possibility of snakes and scorpions. The biggest danger is probably when you are on the road - expect other drivers to do totally unexpected and or incredibly foolish things - you`ll see what we mean when you get here.


Other things to look out for - the Saudis strictly segregate single men from women and famillies, reastaurants and coffee shops will usually have 2 entrances, - they are usually well signed in English

and fast food counters in shopping mall food courts will have a divider although there will be a seperate sittng area for single men (the family area usually has opaque glass).


If you intend to go caching in the desert we recommend wearing hiking boots as the areas can be rather rocky and it is easy to twist an ankle.


Above all enjoy your visit - it is an experience not many people get.

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Ok guys, thanks for the helpful info!


I now have my filght and hotel booked for Friday and will be in Dhahran/Bahrain area for 6 weeks.


Not sure about going into the desert by myself but I'm up for adventure. Around the Western parts and touristy areas I'd be comfortable.


On occassion in the UK, geocachers obviously attract police attention when searching, who seem to treat it fairly harmless. Would the Saudi police take a similar attitude? Anyone have any trouble with Saudi police and geocaching?

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