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Buying an 8 pack is cheaper than a 4, which is cheaper than 1. Same price for the tags, but cheaper shipping.


Volume discounts.

I've done that twice now. I'm still sitting around with seven unused bugs right now, but that's ok. I'll eventually get those bugs out into the countryside.

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I am also new to this TB thing.

Right now i have together with my kids placed 3 cashes ( no 4 is otw right now) and we have ordere a pack of 4 TB tag's.

Can we place a TB in each case or will that be a overkill ?

And if we find a cashe we havent placed can we put a TB in that one ? or it it the original owner who shall put the TB tag's out ?


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You can do whatever you want with the TBs you own.


Some cache owners like to do what you are planning: put a or some TBs in their new caches to seed them.


Most people find (many) more caches than they hide, and find and place TBs in any caches that will hold them.


You can start a TB in one of your caches or in anyone else's caches. You could even mail a TB to someone else to place in someone else's cache.

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brad.32 Posted on Nov 24 2003, 11:55 AM  You could even mail a TB to someone else to place in someone else's cache.


Is that really acceptable? I was wondering that the other day. Can you ship or mail the TB to another cacher at it's desired destination? Could you ask that cacher to take it to a specific person? What if it's a TB you got from a cache and not one of your own? Maybe the bug owner wouldn't want my intervention?? Maybe they would really appreciate it??

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Seeing several sites that offer additional information tags for TBs got me wondering about the machine used for creating these tags.

Anyone know what machine the plastic engravers, or metal stampers, use?

The local Wal-Mart has a kiosk for making tags for your pet. THey are engraved metal but I dont know how many letters or lines you get or how much they are.

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