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Anyone have the Garmin 60csx case? Have pics?

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Thinking about picking one of these up, but all the pics online stink. I can't really tell how the GPS looks when it's in it or how it closes on the unit.


Do you have it?

Do you like it?

Care to share (high res) pics of it with your GPS in the case?




I have it and its pretty good. It collects dust so it definitely makes it harder to read but overall it protects the unit very well. Most annoying thing is to put the string through the hole each time you take it out or put it in. Also it doesnt have a hole for USB wire.

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Have one since years. I really like it, because it protects the GPS very well. OK, like already mentioned, when you want to connect with USB, you have to get it out the case. And to put it back in, you have to do a little effort regarding the string.


However, my screen is still totally scratch-free after years of geocaching with this unit and even the GPS dropped already several times to rocks and other surfaces, no signs of that are visible. Maybe also due to the case.


When you do not want to connect the GPS everyday or have to put it on a bike mount or car-mount, I find it a very good case. I have to admit, after 4 years, the hole for the string is a little bit damaged (so it's become a little bit bigger). But ok, that's due to the use off course.



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Mine still like new sitting in the drawer. Gps is usually in a mount somewhere along the way and it's a pain to remove case just to put in mount. Used it once or twice when I was just hiking, but that's it.


Just tried it on my new 62 and it fits well. But the same thing applies, wont work with a mount, but can use it when hiking. Does put some glare on the screen though, not tightly held against it.

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It does a good job when you are out for extended periods with no need to plug it in to anything. I wish it covered the entire unit, but the GPSr's shape makes that tough. The neoprene case by Glisson for the 76 series is nice because it keeps out 99% of dust and debris while physically covering the entire device.

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