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what coin binder systems do you use.

Team Luvbassn

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We use: Case-It ZBinder


It holds our GeoCoins on one side and our box of GeoGems on the other, it works out great at events for showing our small collection. It will also hold paper, pens and other items needed for "discovering" other coin collections. We bought it at one of the local office places. . . Staples - Office Max - Office Depot, not sure where.


For the pages, try here: Brent-Krueger


Great product and fast shipping, with no minimum order.

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I have to agree that the Lead Dog Heavy duty vinyl coin pages are the best. The stiffer the page the less likely they are to fling coins out of the top pockets during the turning of the page. Also beware of using too large a binder (ie. greater than 2in.) as too many pages stacked on each other make for a very heavy package AND can damage the coins on the back pages. Obviously D-ring binders are better than O-ring ones.

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definitely d ring binders for me...I like supersafe pages, mylar flips, and hold the coins in place using avery 5248 mailing seals.



Hmmm, I googled those mailing seals...thats a WAY better idea than the tape I was using. I'm gonna go get some. Thanks for that!


Based on my coin collecting site research: Mylar flips are the best in terms of long term storage. The issue is that they are pretty expensive (SAFLIPS = $14 for 100 at Brent Krueger), but researched some coin collecting sites and they say the 2nd best is "Saf T Flips" which are a bit cheaper (SAFTFLIPS = $7 for 100 at Brent Krueger) and still "pretty good" for long term storage...MUCH better than PVC (oil based, and can leech green stuff on your coins...over time).



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