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Reviewer claims new cache(s) will cause a FTF frenzy


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Apparently, Geocaching is going to meet 2 needs for me: the one I signed up for and my crave to debate.


Oooh, you're going to like it here. Maybe you should become a premium member so you can join the Off Topic forum and join debates like whether Catholics are Christians and should the mosque be built near ground zero in NYC.,


Just make sure you have flameproof underwear.


While there is certainly more that we have not heard on this subject, I'm agreeing wth Mindy. There is no rule against 'churning'. It may not be the best idea, but there is no rule against it. Not even a suggestion in the guidelines.


There is no specific rule but there is this:

At times a cache may meet the listing requirements for the site but the reviewers, as experienced cachers, may see additional concerns that you as a cache placer may not have noticed.

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