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how to keep caches dry


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I think I have finally solved a mystery - why my waterproof, airproof containers still get damp inside.

Apparently it's due to the air inside condensing in the hot weather.


So... does anyone have any ideas on how to stop this ?


I had thought about putting a few grains of rice inside, like they do with salt containers in foreign countries.

I would go for the proper sachets, but I have about 200 caches and that will be expensive :D

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...waterproof, airproof containers...

What kind of containers are you using?


Cheers for the comments, I have ordered 100x gel satches for £3.99 so I am happy :D


The containers I use are medical sample containers (unused !!!) Screw top with a nice tight seal

I wrap them in camo-tape, so I guess the heat generated in sunshine causes the condensation inside

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I have ordered 100x gel satches

You should to swap them out if they become saturated. Maybe you can dry and re-use them. If maintenance becomes a problem, you could try making cache logs from waterproof or weatherproof paper.


Due to pressure changes, moisture can be forced inside some containers.

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Those little packets of silica gel won't really absorb much moisture. Once they become saturated, you'll need to replace them. I'm not sure how long it would take in a typical cache before the packet had all the moisture it could hold. But it seems like you'd only be delaying the problem, not solving it.


But if you want to give it a try, here's an interesting tidbit from Wikipedia:


"Silica gel is also used as cat litter, by itself or in combination with more traditional materials, such as clays including bentonite. It is trackless and virtually odorless. Silica in this form can be a cost effective way for retail consumers to easily purchase silica gel for application in such things as keeping tools rust free in damp environments, long term storage, and preservation of dried food for long term storage."


It appears that the cat litters with some variation on the word "Crystal" in the name are composed primarily of silica gel. That's got to be cheaper than buying those little packets!

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