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Maps not showing


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I'm using a mac and I'm experiencing trouble with the maps features. The maps are not showing up (keeping the 'map loading' dialog). It's the same in Safari and Chrome, both browsers are up to date.


In Firefox, everything is working fine. I cleared my cache, cookies, etc but nothing appears to help. This morning everything was still ok. Did not install any other applications or plug-ins. I experience no problems using maps.google.com with both browsers (chrome, safari).


Are there more geocachers experiencing the same issues as I am? :laughing:

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I just made a quick check of all the map links I use and everything is working for me. MAC OSX 10.6.4 and Safari 5.0.1 If it works with Safari it nearly always works just as good or better in Firefox.


I found the same situation this morning. Obviously something was fixed, but this could be Google itself as well :D

For me it's working fine again.

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