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How to remove bugs?

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Sorry if this has been gone over before. How do I remove bugs from my cache page after they have gone missing? I do not have their numbers and I'm sure it is annoying for people to think there is a travel bug in my cache when there is not.



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You can't - yet...


Earlier I had suggested the ability of the cache owner (you) to be able to send the bug back to the hands of the owner. The link would be worded: "I know for a fact that this bug is not in my cache, yet it hasn't been logged by the person who took it. Send it home."


By having the cache owner send it to the hands of the bug owner, it removes it from the cache, yet doesn't send it to some arbitrary coordinates that would change the miles incorrectly.


In the future, if the bug turns up, the cacher that really has the bug can just grab it from the hands of the bug's owner. No harm, no foul.


Of course, you could do this with a quick e-mail to the bug's owner if their responsive and still know the 6 digit code.



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