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do the words "travel by ground" mean ANYTHING to you?


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It's ironic... people who want their bug to hop a jet from the U.S. to Europe instead watch it get traded around at 20 different caches in the same county for eight months. Someone wants their bug to move by ground, THAT'S the one that catches the transcontinental flight.


Just curious, brad.32... did the bug have a goal tag attached to it, which said "BY GROUND" the way that its online page did? When I'm far away from home and I pick up a bug without a goal sheet, I won't discover if I did right by it until I returned home and had computer access.



Next time, instead of getting married, I think I'll just find a woman I don't like and buy her a house.

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You can bet the new instruction tags do, and I'll update the old ones so they do too. Actually, all my other bugs (4) are lost, so I'm replacing them entirely so they can continue their journeys.


The one I'm talking about is <a href="http://www.geocaching.com/track/track_detail.asp?ID=27463">Raspberry the ladybug</a>, who was picked up in S CA, flown to NY, and will be placed soon in FL, her destination state. She's the only one that people have been moving around. Too much. ohh.gif


Hopefully the journey home will be interesting.

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I think that the people that fly with travel bugs think that they're actually helping the TB's out. But I think if they took the time to either read the TB tag or look online and look at the TB webpage they would understand the mission or goal a little better. My travel bug He-Dude, American Freedom Fighter had a goal of traveling from the west coast to the east coast to see the WWII Memorial in Virginia. After visiting just 2 west coast caches, it took a rapid 2,400 mile trip to Virginia and now sits only a few miles away from it's final destination. The problem? The memorial doesn't open for another 6-7 months? This is why I released the travel bug a year early so that it could take it's time getting there. But maybe it truely is like the my day's in the military "Hurry up and wait". I better go now, I'm just rambling....



Remember, This is a game. It's supposed to be FUN.

Don't take this or yourself too seriously!


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What you guys fail to understand is that Travel Bugs are just like children. You do not own your children, you cannot dictate what they will and will not do, in fact they have minds of their own and will go their own way and rebel against your wishes...Life's too short, you've let you TBs go, let them make their own way!

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The confusion seems to be caused by the lack of clear instructions and the TB's goal with the bug. People don't read TBs' web pages before grabbing them, but Bexy Bear is right, we have to let them go.


I put the travel preference on their instruction tags and the web pages, but don't put the goal on there, to keep it flexible. I figure that if people move it by ground from cache to cache, the movement is a ... directed ... random walk and the bug will get there eventually. The destination is just to give that guidance, it's not a ... command.

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As much as I know about travel bugs (very little, but I do know of one that went from TX to CA recently via Continental Airlines), they go from one cache to another-- That's it!


Nobody ever stated they could only travel within the same city, 5 mile radius, state, zip code, country, hemisphere, etc. Don't like it? Tough-- don't make TBs then, or make your goals clear and *hope* they comply...


I think its cool that they travel so far-- how else are they supposed to get around???

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I don't see how you can expect people to read the travel bug's web page before they grab it. Many times i have been to a cache, with no travel bugs listed, and then there is one in there. I dont want to just leave it, and go check the web page, because i know i probably wont be back. So, i take it, and then check the web page. If your TB has very specific instructions, i think i should be mandatory to have a little tag, unless you really dont care where it goes. And when you say "another one of my ground-traveling bugs is almost DONE due to flying." What do you mean done? Maybe you should make its goals a little harder.

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This "new" one has an instruction tag (in addition to the metal tag) that says something similar to the web page description about the traveling preference. It's not phrased as a demand. I don't expect people to read the web page. I've learned that already.


Because TBs go MIA, I consider traveling by-ground, cross country a fairly difficult goal. It's difficult to survive that long. In this case, "done" refers to finishing this long trek.

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:mad: I try to read a bugs intentions at the cache page before I pick up a bug, but coming upon an unlogged bug, or a TB hotel can make it very difficult to follow an owners agenda. Also swapping at an event you have to rely on someones word that the bug you have swapped for is actually going the intended way. Please attach a travel card to your bugs if a specific destination or timeline is preferred. Otherwise, they will do as they are named."TRAVEL".
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People routinely break website rules. People routinely seek caches in areas outside of the posted hours of operation. People routinely bushwhack instead of following blazed trails. People routinely trade down.


Why would you think they would be any better at abiding by any goals or stipulations attached to travel bugs? Once you release the TB, it's totally outside of your control. Hope for the best, expect otherwise.

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