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Oregon 300 + city Nav

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Garmin Oregon 300 + city nav nt loaded onto microsd card..... $300 including shipping. You can have the dvd also but not sure if you can install or not so i will load entire usa on the microsd for you. Includes original box for the Oregon and condition is excellent. Email for photo. gadgetmonstergar at gmail dot com.

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We could have a problem.....

1 week no GPS..

Telling me shipping from Chicago to Ft Wayne, IN = 2 weeks?????


Doug, if you don't receive the GPSr from this guy AND you get your money back AND you're still interesting in purchasing this unit, let me know as I have one for sale for the same price AND I will guarantee it's delivery.

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I know I'm not a part of this I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in. Parcel post shipping can take anywhere from 2 to 8 days to get to its destination so its a little bit slower than first class and a lot slower than priority. Also shipping from Chicago can get ridiculously slow. We're less than an hour away at a summer camp, and parents send mail to campers 2 weeks in advance just to make sure it gets here when the kids are here. Sometimes it doesn't happen either, the other week we got a piece of mail that was sent out on the 19th of July and it was like the 15th of August at that point. I'm not defending the guy who sold it to you, but before you get super worried like if you don't have it by next week just give it some time especially if it was sent Parcel Post.

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