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No more mikros?

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Sorry, tipo :)


Gnome - or mikros.


The choice is yours Kornwall. Cease and desist, or the gnome gets it.

Noddy Curtis, your days are numbered.


Would you please confirm Noddy is unharmed, and that he will return to his Dad? Whose been worried about him :P


For those who have not met him please meet Noddy Curtis, who was Gnomenapped during a cache event here in North Wales.


Noddy's little brother sits on the doorstep waiting for his big brother to return. Many have signed his log in support of his big brother.


I'll treat who ever returns Noddy Curtis to his dad to a Trackable Geocaching Flag. Confidentiality will of course be observed if requested. I'll even travel to Chester Services on the M56, to collect Noddy.


Please at least email his Dad with the news that Noddy is alive and well.



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