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More critter shots

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Marmot sightings are rare on Mt Hood, but one had been spotted recently near McNeil Point, so I headed up there yesterday to see if I could find any. I roamed all around in the scree fields below the Glisan Glacier and had given up hopes for finding one, when I stopped to dump the rocks out of my boot and have a snack. After a few minutes of sitting still, this guy started whistling at me:



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Came across this 5 feet Lace Monitor (Varanus varius) near Hornsby in Sydney, in one of the many parks in the metro area. I was looking for a couple caches and would have missed him if he had not moved, they are not aggressive but they do bite and the wound will get infected due to the large number of bacterias in their mouth.



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Hoary Marmot near Upper Melakwa Lake. This little guy was sleeping in the grass and

I almost stepped on him before he woke up and ran off. He was very curious and did

not go more than about 10 feet before he stopped to watch us.



Another Hoary Marmot "whistling" near Upper Melakwa Lake.

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wow, great shot! Very clear and sharp...what kind of camera did you use for this?

A Canon Rebel XTi with a Canon 70-300 USM zoom. The goat was only about 15 feet away and moving fast,

so we were very lucky to get a decent shot. It could easily have turned out like this picture of a chipmunk that

we took on the way up to the lookout:


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After Geocoinfest EU, I went for an amazing hike in Switzerland. This muggle below had no interested in mooooving away from the cache site, so I decided to find it real quick while she was looking away. :)




This muggle by another cache was just pretty...



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This deer rescue in Elma, WA was on Facebook. I have no clue where Elma is, but the post was cool.


Facebook link

Now you've gone and insulted the L in B+L because she grew up in Elma. wink.gif

It's between Olympia and Aberdeen.


I think the person telling that story lives in Elma, but it actually took place in Alaska (Taku Harbor). Thanks for sharing it.

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