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Garmin Nuvi 200 questions

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So i just recently started geocaching and my prime and only GPS that im using right now is the Garmin Nuvi 200. I was just wondering if any one else has used this GPS and if they find it reliable or not. So far its been pretty good to me although recently it has lead me a few feet away from the cache's exact location. Im wondering if its inaccurate and I'm kinda worried that it will lead me in the wrong direction for future caches. Nevertheless, like i mentioned it has been working for me decently well so far and i dont really have the money to buy a new one. Im just wondering if anyone is also lukewarm with this GPS. Basically i need to hear someone elses experiences good and bad.

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Before upgrading to a Colorado 400t, I used a Nuvi 200W for my first 300 finds...it worked great. Usually had me within 10-15 feet of the cache...which is about all you can hope for with any consumer handheld unit.


If it's all you've got, by all means use it. Just be careful not to cache in the rain or drop it in the water...as that model is NOT waterproof.

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I use a Nuvi 255w for geocaching. I use the map navigation to get within easy walking distance of the cache. Once out of the car I go to the "where am I" section in the GPS. I do write down on paper the coordinates, and once out on the hike to the cache, I look at the "where am I" coordinates in the GPS, then look at my coordinates that I wrote down on paper. Once my coordinates are very close to each other, or the same, then I know I'm at ground zero. Yes it is true, the 255w is not waterproof, and if you drop it, more than likely it will break, so be careful when out in the woods. It seems once you're in heavy cover, the Nuvi will wander, and sometimes not update your exact coordinates. Overall, I don't mind using the Nuvi for geocaching. The Nuvi is cheap, and sometimes gives you a good challenge to find those cache's :( Would like to upgrade from the Nuvi to a hand-held gps, but oh my, so many choices!

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