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I need a new GPS, but witch one?

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I had a Garmin Nivi, and it died, so I got a new one, BUT! the new one will not hold the stuff the old one did, like the last 5 logs in the poi's, and if there is a TB, it will not have a discription.

So, I need to know what are the best GPS's for geocaching, I would like one that holds logs, is more durable than the nivi, and has some ease of use, the Lowrance out & back, I hear does this but reveiws scare me, so I'm up for suggestions. :(

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I would suggest a Delorme PN-40, amazon has them for $218. If you can do it get a PN-60 for $362.

Both are a big leap forward and come with great maps (Garmin maps cost big bucks). Check them out before you buy anything else. I've been a Garmine fan for 5yrs. But when I checked Delorme out I bought a PN-60.

Good luck.

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If there is any way at all that you can swing it... get a handheld GPS. I have a Nuvi (550w) and I LOVE it! But it is an accessory for geocaching. I would never dream of using it for anything more than getting me to the cache and holding the paperless info. I use a 60SCx (~$200 if you hurry) and LOVE it.

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I would like one that holds logs


Ahh, I missed that part. Guess I should have read it a bit more carefully. I agree, the 60 is not what you should get if you want a paperless/GPS option. I use by blackberry for the paperless aspect. I have many caching friends that have Oregon's and love them. If my trust 60 ever dies...( I hope it never does) then a garmin 62s would be on my wish list.

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I have been with people with Oregons and they were just aggravating, fragile, and gave the owner fits. They are nice but just not as rugged as the 60csx. I would go with the 60csx anyday. I, on the other hand, when not with a friend with the 60csx, still use a $99 etrex legend and have all of my caches loaded into cacheberry on my blackberry and I use a Nuvi to get where I'm going. The etrex is accurate and extremely durable. I have all of my days caches loaded onto the Nuvi and the Blackberry and that includes past logs, etc.

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True....several of my friends use the Oregon and my little Etrex Legend almost ALWAYS has me closer to the cache than what their $400 units do. Sometimes, they'll even be 100' off! I dunno......I thought it was just my one friend's GPS was bad but several that I've cached with acted the same. Turned me off. Now, I'm looking at the 62st. Out of your price range, I know, but you gotta pay for what you're wanting.

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The Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx is a tried and true workhorse. Yes, it isn't paperless but with the addition of a used handheld PDA and Cachemate software you will be paperless. Got my PDA from here Used Handhelds for $35 and the Cachemate software from smittyware for $8




The screen is a color touch screen with a size of 2-3/16" wide by 2-7/8" high.


I export a .gpx file from GSAK to my desktop or laptop computer, then I move or Sync the file from my desktop or laptop to the PDA. There are no additional charges for cell service with this method.


Good luck and be safe!

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The Oregon maybe out of your budget, but try to check eBay or Craigslist for a used one, same goes for the 60CSx. Gotta say the 60CSX is extremely rugged, and can be found for about $160 used or $200 new (they were just made obsolete by Garmin, so hurry if you wish to get one new). If you can swing it, get the 60CSx, a used Palm for $20-$40 AND CACHEMATE and you will be in business!


Now of course, if you were using the NUVI for driving directions to the cache as well as finding it and getting info/logs, the above may be convoluted for you. I personally like having a dedicated hiking/geocache GPSr.


So if you want an all in one, look at the NUVI 500, it has all the features (description, logs and voice driving directions) including topographic maps (I believe the 550 doesn't have that feature (?)). It is more rugged than a standard NUVI, however I personally feel the sensitivity wasn't as good as a 60CSx and after much consternation returned the unit.

I saw few of the 500's on eBay for $185-$200 vs $249 at a retailer such as REI (but they have a very liberal return policy!)


Let us know what you end up getting!

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Have to add my .02 here...

I started out with the Etrex Legend, and upgraded (by light years) to an Oregon 550 about six months ago. Other than a couple of minor software glitches which were easily solved, the Oregon has fully lived up to my expectations. It is accurate, obtains and holds signal well, and has been very rugged (purchase of Zagg's InvisibleShield or similar screen protector is a must, in my opinion). The Oregon was very easy to "learn" and customize, and does everything I want it to do.... and probably a whole lot more that I haven't discovered yet. Best $$$ I ever spent!


The 550 does not have topo maps preloaded, but free downloads from gpsfiledepot.com took care of that - easily. The price was right.


Forgot to add: An important issue for me was which GPSr felt the most comfortable in my hand. The Oregon/Colorado series were a bit smaller than some of the other Garmins, making them a better fit for me.

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In my opinion, Garmin did itself a big disservice by releasing the Oregon when they did. I got the 300 shortly after it rolled out. The problems of accuracy mentioned in some of the above posts were true. After 'field testing' by those of us who had the units, Garmin realized that they needed to improve the unit's accuracy, especially under tree cover. Thankfully, it was not a hardware issue, but a software one. The quickly put out an update, and bingo-bango, my Oregon went from being an embarrassment when out with a friend with a 60csx, to the reason the same friend now caches with an Oregon themselves.


Garmin continues to update the Oregon's system, too. . .

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me and my family use the new Magellian Explorist GC.you can get it for 199.00 or 30.00 off if you are a member of the Triple AAA auto club,you can look at it on Magellian website,it is completely paperless and linked to geocaching.com.also if you get it you can go to the website and d/l the Vantage Point program and run your queries theu it.we use it all the time and it is very simple to use,good thing since we're not really computer savay.only setback i found with it that the screen is hard to see in direct sunlight,but i cup my hand around it and its viewiable then,Had a garmin 60 csx Before that and had the same problem out of it also,but that was the hardest GPS i ever owned to operate..

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