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Caches and Trackables being stolen or vandalised

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This post is in response to cachers who have had their caches or trackables removed by a person or persons calling themselves GROEP and is to give you advice about how to deal with it.


The caches that we create are deliberately placed in locations and not abandoned as litter therefore what the GROEP people (under whatever username they currently use) are doing is simply theft of the cache containers and any trackables in them. I have spoken to my local police and they have confirmed that this is the case. If you find this person (or persons) has stolen either your cache or your trackable from a cache you should contact your local police and report it as a theft. Explain what geocaching is and that the cache container/trackable is your personal property and make sure you get a crime report reference number. If you have any difficulty explaining to the police what geocaching is or what has been stolen and need help then please contact me via my profile and give me the police station phone number and I will be happy to talk to them.


Signed by



Graculus - Volunteer Reviewer for geocaching.com

and all the members of the UK reviewing team.

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Thanks to all the reviewing team for your efforts.


This is really good advice.


I would like to take this opportunity to ask that this thread is not used to discuss the aforementioned group any further. This will only add fuel to the fire and give them the gratification they seek.


Luckily their acronym is 5 characters long so this thread will be picked up by a search for anyone wanting advice.





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