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Deolorme Topo USA 8.0 for Garmin Colorado

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I won the Delorme topo USA 8.0 DVD at an event and would like to know if the Colorado 400t would use it correctly. Has anyone installed it into their Garmin?




It will not work. Garmin require Garmin maps. Go to gpsfiledepot.com and you can get much better maps for free (or a donation).

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Echoing and extending what others have said: Not much use to a Garmin person. Put it on eBay and you might get a little for it.

Still useful for a Garmin user.

Doesn't put maps on the unit but is a real mapping program unlike MapSource and Base Camp.

With map subscription, you can download USGS, NOAA, etc for planning. Or just use the vector topo maps included.

Unlike National Geographic TOPO!, you can create a track on it using the maps/imagery and transfer the track to the GPS.

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The real value in DeLorme's Topo 8 program and download subscription -- being able to load the maps and imagery from the computer on to the GPS -- would be unavailable to a Garmin user. For every OTHER purpose you mention, I use Google Earth and Google Maps.

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