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COINTEST: 7 Coin Set to 1 lucky winner


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OK this is a real easy contest, no skill or major knowledge involved! Those of you that have known me for the past few years know that I have designed quite a few coins in the past and helped out with icons and such on many others. I'm going to do a random drawing by post # for a full set (7 coins) of unactivated Travelling Ladybird geocoins. Here's all that I ask....I've been getting into photography quite a bit and have submitted a picture of my son onto the parents.com website for a photo contest. As of today the photo is in 4th place. I am very excited about this and would love to get some more votes and thought why not give someone the chance to win some coins at the same time. So here's all you need to do to win the coin set:


Go to link for my son's photo here: Monkey Jungle Photo


1.) Click the "Vote For Me" button below the picture.

2.) When you click that a little box comes up over the picture requesting you to type in a security phrase to confirm you are not a bot I guess, so you just need to type the answer in that box.

3.) Then just hit "Submit my vote" and that's it.


Just post that you voted on here to be entered into the COINtest and the winner should be prepared to answer one question regarding the completion of their vote to verify they really voted. :unsure: The voting ends midnight on this Sunday the 15th and on Monday the 16th I will pick a random winner by luck off of the draw on the posts numbers. One entry per day per person.


I appreciate the help and look forward to giving someone this nice set of coins:


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Aaah.... buying votes with a cointest, hey? Very sneaky. :laughing::unsure::blink:


:blink: Of the top 4 photos yours has done the best job at capturing the face and sculpting it with light. But the rest of the image is rather flat. The others have not done as good a job as you making the subject recognizable but there is interest in the rest of the composition. Tough call. I'm abstaining so you may want to disregard this post in the selection process. :grin:

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