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Yet another Geocaching Bomb Squad story in the news


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I thought it was kind of strange that he was able to identify it due to his training, but that his training didn't include the advice not to pick it up in the first place.


Maybe the article has things out of order?


I pulled it up and held it in my hand before putting it on a rock.


...he knew what he was holding, thanks to his training in identifying military ordnance.


If that (military ordnance) had been unstable or live and active, I could not be here today. I got lucky and now it's a cool story.



(I love websites that make it a real PITA to copy and paste text.)

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I think it goes like this


Bob (I will call him bob) picked up what he thought was (junk, geocache, rock...??)

Bob, thanks to his training in identifying military ordnance (he is an army reservist), then realized what it was.

Bob gently set it down on a rock.

Bob called 911

Calgary bomb squade determend that it was safe

Bob took bomb home as his greatest geocaching souvenir yet.

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