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Reseach for cache placement

Carbon Hunter

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I have found a few sites that are useful when researching the placement of caches in our region.


Please add your links as and when you find them. And I hope these encourage new caches in this amazing part of the world too.


Online guide to information on Near and Middle East:



Salt domes of Central Oman: http://www.ged.rwth-aachen.de/Ww/projects/.../saltdomes.html


Fossil sites in the Abu Dhabi region: http://www.adias-uae.com/fossils/Contents.html#anchor207015


Petroglyps in the UAE (some with GPS co-ordinates): http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal...=1&SRETRY=0


Please add more - and place caches near some of these :P

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Unfortunately for Qatar there are very limited resources available on the 'Net. The best resource that I have come across is parked in my parking bay and requires me at the wheel with my GPSr!!! <_< Apart from that I have a few extremely knowledgable geologists [at al] who I also rely on for expert knowledge of various places. On the plus dide, Qatar is not very big so it is easy to explore the entire country. :D

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