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Hi everyone,


I am so sorry for being non responsive for the last few months. I discovered that I was not getting any of my emails about a month ago. The web hosting service I use has gone through a restructuring and they have altered their email client. As I have lost my webmaster a few months back, I was not aware of this change.


Tonight is the first time I was able to access any of my dwprods email, and oh boy there are tons of emails in my inbox...


A couple of things I would like to address:


1) For those of you who had purchased coins from my store in the last couple of months, I am sorry that I was unable to deliver them to you. Not only I was not able to check my email, I was also out of inventory. I have gone through my paypal account and have refunded all the orders I was not able to fulfilled. Again, I am sorry for the late response.


2) There seems to be an error with the activation code retrieving system on my website. I have a hard time getting access to the updated database as well. I do however have a backup excel sheet to show me all the activation codes. If you have trouble getting the activation codes, please email me at derek@dwprods.com. If you have already done so, I will reply as soon as I can and provide the codes.


I am hoping to find a webmaster soon to resolve all these issues. Again, please accept my sincere apology and late notice. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

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