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Bones the TV show posted location cords.


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Hmm.. I was just watching Bones (the TV show) tonight, and they referenced a Geo coord. i wonder if something is planted there.


The location is:


37 degrees, 08' 01.37

78 drgrees. 01' 30.17


If anyone looks it up, could you please post what you found? (and give me half if it's like a million dollars?)


Just joking, but TV shows don't usually put gps cooridnates out for everyone to see.


I bet there's something there. :o

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I make it a habit when I'm watching a movie and they give coordinates, I jot them down and look them up later. After doing this a few times I think the movie people just use something that sounds like it's close to the area the movie is about.


One set of coordinates I got a kick out of was supposed to be for the LA river so a plane could crash land there. The actual coordinates were about 20 or 30 miles out in the Pacific Ocean.

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They may have used co-ords where they knew it wasn't private land or anywhere dangerous just in case somebody tried looking them up and visiting the area.


Here in the UK there are phone numbers put aside for use in film and television so if anyone tries phoning a number they see on TV they won't be calling some confused old lady!

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I believe that was the episode where gormigon kidnapped Bones and Hogkins and buried them in the car. Hogkins used purfume and something else to get a cell signal long enough to send the coords of where they were by looking at the soil around them. I think.

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