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GC20HXJ Mega Event Catalunya 2010 - Oct 9th 2010

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It's not far from Barcelona (a cheap EJ flight away from Luton, etc) and I'm thinking of going to do some more research ahead of the 2012 Geolympix Mega Event in the UK, as well as some caching in the sun [:)]


GC20HXJ Mega Event Catalunya 2010 - Saturday October 9th 2010 - As you'll see it's yet to get its Mega status but there seems to be a lot of interest. 198 Will Attends so far (so 350 cachers, at a guess?) and two months to go.

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I'm looking at cheap package holidays to Lloret de Mar - there's a good week's caching available and holidays seem to start at around £150 per person, including flights, accommodation, transfers and in some cases, breakfast! I haven't logged a "will attend" yet, but I will when I've booked my holiday. As for us, my "will attend" will cover two people so 198 logs may well deliver considerably more warm bodies!

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We got an invite a while ago, as most of our (limited) caching happens in Catalunya. However, sadly, our alloted time in our most favourite place in the world is 3 weeks earlier, so we won't be there for the MEGA, but count this as a big BUMP anyway.




La Fifi & WVM



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Don't think I can go, but it reminds me of a thought I had the other day and I'm not sure whether I vocalised to another cacher, or posted here, or just left whirring around my heid, but what happens of you set up a Mega and you don't get the numbers to verify its Mega status? Does it convert into a mere event or doesn't it count as a cache?


Hopefully this never occurs of course, but as it's a Mega requirement, I suppose they have to follow it through if the numbers aren't good enough...?



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This sounds good Paul.....fuel is cheaper abroad....i could Drive there....will do some maths and get back on this..

mmmmmm....1058 miles....@16 hours drive.....with my cachemobile @45 Gallons.....@£200 plus ferry....i can fit 5 in no problem.....that works out @£40 PP plus ferry..........i will seriously think about this.....will come back to this

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