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"Grabbed it" vs "Retrieved by"


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I have a few travel bugs out. One of them has been logged as "retrieved by" and lists the cache in which it was found and lists the mileage traveled. The other one has been logged as "grabbed by" and does not list the cache location. Why is this, and how can I correct this?




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I think the difference is if the finder said he found the bug in the cache it was hidden in or not. There's a checkbox on the "Found it!" page that indicates if the bug was found where it was supposed to be; in the last cache it was placed. The log will indicate "retrieved" if this is the case.


If the bug wasn't taken from the cache or if it was found while in someone else's possession, it will say it was "grabbed."

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If I remember correctly from one of the bug faqs, grabbing a bug is what you do if you placed the bug without posting your drop, and then someone else logs that they retrieved it, and so the original person has to grab it back so they can lock the drop off. I think....



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