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Bogus Mileage

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The idea of having a travel bug "league table" is a good one on the face of it, but unfortunatley there are those out there bending the rules more than a little.


A quick look at "go Fish" which claims over 20,000 miles shows that it was placed and retrieved from a N/S00 00.000/E/W00 00.000 virtual cache, not once but twice. This makes almost 15,000 of its miles totally bogus.


A look down the rest of the top ten shows many of them have bogus miles somewhere in their total.


If we are going to have tables, then at least make it so the miles are earned honestly.

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It was one of those 0 0 caches. I went in the db and zeroed them out (pun intended). The correct mileage is shown now as well.


I'll watch the tables to make sure the distance is legitimate.




Jeremy Irish

Groundspeak - The Language of Location

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