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Dakota 10, Triton 500, or Delorme PN-20

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Hi, I'm realatively new to the sport of geocaching. I'm looking at hand held GPSr's but I'm unsure which to buy. The options I've found within my budget are as follows:

Magellan Triton 500($120 online, no mpas ex base map included)-this one seems very fefature rich for the price and although I know the customer svc at Magellan gets bad reviews I've been using a Triton 400 (with a smaller feature set than the 500 including no electronic compass) for my last few finds and have found it to be amazingly accurate! And with the vantage point software it is a paperless unit too!

Dakota 10($150, no maps included)-found this on clearence at a local outdoor store. Says paperless unit and has an electronic compass although it isnt tilt correcting like the Megallan.

Delorme PN-20($110 online refurbished by Delorme, includes TopoUSA 8.0 maps)-online reviews for this one arent much better than the magallen as far as over all ratings go. Lots of complaints that its slow to refresh map screen and you cant add waypoints manually for multicaches.

I'd really like some advice on which of these 3 is the best choice, preferably from some people who have used these units and have real field experience with them. I realize there are better units out there but these are the 3 I've been able to find within my budget so I have to decide between them. Thank you all for taking the time to consider my situation and offer whatever advice you can.

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The Dakota 10 is a great unit but it doesn't have an electronic compass. For that, you'd have to move up to the Dakota 20 which adds the electronic compass, barometric altimeter, and a microSD card slot for holding extra maps, etc.


For $150, the Dakota 10 is very good deal. I'd jump on that one. You'll love the paperless geocaching. We had one until my wife lost it while taking a walk nearby. As for the maps, you can find some great ones free at GPSfiledepot.com. But, if you want the best turn-by-turn navigation, start saving your money for the City Navigator maps from Garmin.

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Thank you all for taking the time to help me out with my GPSr decision. I ended up going with a Dakota 10 that I picked up at Eastern Mountain Sports for $150 on clearence. With no date limit on their return policy and very friendly staff even if it turns out not to be the unit for me I'm confident I can get my money back. From all my indepth research in the past few days the general opinion seems to be that Garmin brand products are the only way to go and the feature offer by this unit for paperless caching seems to be heavily favored as well. I havent had a chance to sit and play with it and give it a go in the field yet but once I do I'll be sure and post a detailed review on geocaching's website inthe hopes that it will help out other new cachers with their GPS decision. Thank you all again and good hunting!

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