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Ham radio operators that want to have some real fun

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OK guys... it seems like this enitre forum has turned into a useless waste of bits.


so if you want to have some real fun, use the radios and actually get some caching experience why not try a forum and caching site that will give you some challenge.


NO drive ups


No lamp standard caches


and above all freedom to put up caches that can use your HAM equipment and skills for an actual outdoor adventure.


I have one cache that I will be placing that is an RDF multi

NO darn way to publish this one in the realm of the frog




but have fun.

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This would be fine If You and one other member would sponsor me so I could find these types of caches....


I signed up too. When I get sponsored, I'll check back to this forum every few days to see if anyone here needs a sponsor too.

If I don't have the time to DO caching, at least I can occassionaly READ about it! :P

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