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Small world

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I noticed a cache come up this afternoon about 20 minutes north of here, and so I grabbed the kids and off we went. Got to the cache, it's in a nice well maintained cemetery with a nice view from the site itself. Opened the cache, it's got rocks and stuff in it, apperantly placed by a rockhound, very well done. Inside are two trackables, a coin and a bug. I like both, so I take both. I recognize the emblem on the coin, but I figure it's a generic symbol, or a superhero or something like that. Nope.


It belongs to the forum's own Write Shop Robert. I got your coin. Or one of them. It's a cool idea for coins. I don't know if he want's his methods outed on the forums, so I won't say anything further about it unless he pipes up here, but I just thought it was cool to find the personel coin of another forum regular.


And he's not even from here. In case you were wondering.

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I recently found two coins that had been released by one of the cachers who is a Facebook friend of mine. However, he did not drop the coins into the cache where I found them. It is no big deal that I found his coins because they were within our general vicinity, give or take 50 miles. What makes it a "small world" is that when I looked at the histories on the two, they had both been "dipped" by a third party into a cache that I hid in Mexico.

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