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Circular Routes or Cache Series'

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I'm a bit of a trail addict, so I find an area that I want to visit, run a PQ for 1000 caches, then load them into GSAK.


Then you can run this GSAK macro and it'll pop up a list of caches with similar names and the count of caches in each. I use it to find trails, and as it is just "dumb" code that matches similar names you do get "church micros" and "sidetracked" caches show up for example which you have to filter out.


I was geeky enough to adapt the macro so that it finds matching names and also updates the UserData GSAK fields with the cache series name and the number of caches so I can filter and produce maps for the trails easily. I've had it filter out any caches with church micro and sidetracked in the name and the code can easily be adapted if you know that there is a common name used in the area you are looking at with caches dotted around that you wish to ignore. It's available on my blog here in a PDF file (Just copy and paste the code into the GSAK macro editor and run it), but is only really draft code. It works fine, it's just I haven't created a pretty interface for it yet. Once I've done that I'll upload it to the GSAK macro forum and make it more official.


Enjoy :)

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