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Trivia help needed from Lake District cachers please!

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Any Lake District based cachers around (or even anyone who just likes walking there)?


When I was a kid I went on a school trip to the Lake District and we climbed several hills. On one of the walks - I think it was up Coniston Old Man but I could be wrong - we passed by the name of a 19th century miner, which had been carved in large letters alongs with the year into the rock of the hillside. I seem to remember that our teacher told us that the miner got into trouble for this.


My question is, where is it, and is it still there? :D


Thanks tons :)

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Coniston sounds right - the slate/copper mines in Copper Mines Valley would no doubt be the ones. Very near the Cumbrian Little Quest cache http://coord.info/GC170HY if you want to locate the area.


As for large letters carved in the rock, hmmmm. I don't recall any really big obvious ones. No doubt there are several bits of graffiti in various spots around the slate and copper mines. However, if you went up the Old Man, you probably went up the main tourist route from the village, via Low Water. Could well be in the slate mines which the path goes up through. I don't usually go up that way, preferring the Brim Fell route http://coord.info/GC1HKZG


HTH :)

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