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My Premium Membership expired on Sunday

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After two days I was suffering serious withdrawal, so I re-upped this morning.


It's good to be back int he saddle.


What did I miss?

- PQs (very, very much)

- Notifications (very much)


As I see it, once you have one of these paperless 5,000 cache-capable thingamajigs, you breath in GPX and your heartbeats to new cache notifications.


I was puzzled - Why no email notifying me my membership had expired, or was about to?


If Groundspeak were a magazine I'd have been notified my subscription was about to expire by about the 3rd issue from the end (if not sooner.)


Anyway, I'm recovering nicely, didn't turn blue or break out in spots, though it was a rough 48 hours.

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I was puzzled - Why no email notifying me my membership had expired, or was about to?



have you set your Membership to "Recurring"?


that's when you get reminders, first about a month before and second few days before


Have done, now. Nothing worse than waking up on Monday morning to find I can't do PQs. :ph34r:

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I guess I'm a little weird, but I have it memorized that my membership expires on April 13th of each year... what's wrong with me?




The gremlins near Area 51 took you and rifled through your brain.


tee, Hee, Hee, Hee


Oh Fuh--nnyy. :)


Although I thought I'd been seeing a lot of submarines lately.

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I get plenty of notices when my membership is about to expire!

Last year there was a glitch in my payment, and I went a whole week without PM advantages. It was awful! You don't realize how good the PM features are until you lose them! This year I chose a different payment method and wasn't about to let my membership lapse.

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