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Your Geocaching buggy/pushchair

The QCs

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As a spin off from the 'Wlaes Youngest Cacher' thread...what do you use as a buggy/stroller/pushchair when out geocaching?


We started off with an Out nAbout Nipper with 12in wheels. It was good. Then a friend of mine in the US offered me her BOB Ironman stroller. I paid for shipping and over it came. It has 16in wheels, fab suspension, huge seat, storage space, folds small, excellent sunshade, lightweight and um, yellow! It does attract the flies a bit!



Caching in Portsmouth


We covered just over 400 caches now in 4 months with this buggy. The only probs I have are when I'm out on my own with the kids and I have a stile or gate to contend with. 16in wheels seem to be able to tackle most terrains quite easily.


We also have a backpack carrier for the TinyOne but it is just hassle having to take it off everytime we need 3 sets of eyes to look for a cache. I also use an Ergo sling for cache and dashes, but again, not easy when the cache is on the floor and you need to bend down with a child strapped to you!

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I must admit they look great buggys, I liked the mutsy as it could go from trail to town. Although I wonder how many could follow the muddy tire marks round town...


I also liked its articulated steering so easy to push 1 handed most of the time... most 3 wheelers need 2 to go round corners, along slopes etc... SO much easier...


Although serious trails might become to much?




I do agree LARGE AIR FILLED tires are the big thing...

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