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Welcome to the geohatter!

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mtn-man and I would like to introduce and welcome the geohatter who today just became the newest addition to the Moderating Team. Please join us in extending a friendly welcome to someone who has had quite a lot of experience in these waters and has chosen to moderate under a fresh new account.




I tip my hat to you, geohatter!

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Welcome to the Volunteer Team, who ever you are, and wherever your from. I hope you enjoy your time as a Forum Moderator.


I look forward to meeting you at sometime in the future at wherever event we eventually meet up at.


Being a Mancunian, I've visited Stockport many times. But have only ever passed through Luton. Just some useless information :ph34r: So I'm guessing HH is referring to local football teams :D



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I do hope the new mod moderates with some degree of modern moderation.



kept or keeping within reasonable or proper limits; not extreme, excessive, or intense:



a person who is moderate in opinion or opposed to extreme views and actions, esp. in politics or geocaching.



to preside over or at (a public forum, meeting, discussion, etc.).


Good Luck.

You know where to find me. :)

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Have you gone on holiday as we seem to have MTN man back again?


No I'm still here. mtn-man never left tho.


I've just had things to do. I think it's called life.....hehe


Normal service will resume as soon as we decide just what that is.



Time off? Time off? Is that like 'holiday'? Must be nice. How do we go about it then? :rolleyes:




Volunteer UK Reviewer for geocaching.com

UK Geocaching Information & Resources website www.follow-the-arrow.co.uk

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